Welcome to my world… again

Hello Loves,


Last october on my 42nd birthday,  I announced that I was going to take a year off from writing about my personal life and enjoy a bit of solitude and centering to seek some  balance. I found myself well off of my personal path and I needed to regain a sense of joy I had been missing for the past five years. Being a mother, especially a mother of multiple children, you find your days are not your own and you fight for a moment just to be a woman; to be yourself.

In January I started this quest for happiness and I realized I had to refocus my energy from within . I realized during this journey that my idea of happiness needed to be redefined and executed before I die in the demands of everyone else around me. Most of the January month was spent praying and sitting in silence. I had a conversation with my children and told them they are going to have to figure certain things out about life without me for a moment as I needed to “find myself” again. I suppose I can have that luxury with young adult children, a teen, and a child with a nanny but trust me when I say, they all would ask me how many times a day should they blink if I let them.




We all need a break in some way just to remain on course. Everyone needs a moment to breathe to remain sane. I will write about the trials and tribulations of being a woman on this platform under the category “Life” in a very honest way. I will discuss my approach to parenting, design, food and basically my overall lifestyle in hopes that you can take something from my errors (and accomplishments) and apply it to your own.


For all those who are unfamiliar with my journey thus far I welcome you into my amazing creative world. Here I will spend the next four years explaining the past for you to get a better understanding of where I came from and writing about my growth in the future.

I look forward to this journey with you all and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express myself as a whole.