Resurrection: Restoring my Purpose

I know you don’t want to hear my opinion
but there comes many paths and you must choose one,

and if you don’t change then the rain soon come
see you might win some but you just lost one

********* Lauren Hill

Everything I write about is from a personal point of view and today I want to talk about Death… my death… and my Resurrection.

Having a strong will and presence comes with universal resistance most times. The resistance comes in many forms… family, friends, opportunities etc. The brighter your light shines , the more darkness comes your way which is normal. At times, these distractions can throw me way off my life’s purpose, keep me at a stagnant place, and beat me down. I can have a world wind love affair and it stop abruptly. Have a soul sister connection with someone and we stop communicating via miscommunication – end of that story. Before faith played a strong part in my life, these situations would feel like the death of me.

Why are we no longer talking?


Should I call, make things better?


Should I explain my point of view and restore the


Mind boggling, can’t concentrate, thoughts flowing chaotically trying to get back what I just ” lost”

Until I changed my perspective-  What if it isn’t a loss, rather a gain for my personal strength and understanding?




Everyone in your life is for a reason or a season right? I changed my perspective and started to operate on vibes only. How do I FEEL about this person?
Your intuition is real. I feel it is a life line to God telling me which way to go. The only way I can hear those words in my life is to Get Quiet.



Prayer has been a strong part of clearing my mind, body and soul. In order for me to resuscitate my life back from death, I had to do the personal work to get me there. I can’t get distracted by people when my goal is the focus. I can’t chase after people to mend relationships. In order for me to resurrect my life I had to kill my ego. I had to do the work and chose the path of living in truth – any person God deems not fit for my journey , please remove them (daily prayer)

In silence lives strength, in solitude breathes understanding. I had to come to this realization as years passed with chaotic waves of people falling off my boat of life.

Reborn, Reset , Renew

I don’t question the change anymore, I smile and quietly move to the next place and space in time and experience more things this life has to offer me.

So you see, to transform is a beautiful thing, like a butterfly, just remember it is a process in life to understand the beauty of it all.

May this Resurrection Sunday remind you of how blessed you are, keep you in happy spirits and hopefully grace you with some yummy Easter cooking !

Until loves,


  • Beautifully written. I experienced the same situations you’ve and I am so glad that I was able and had the opportunity to read your blog. Thank you!

  • This is so damn timely. Every single word you have written is true and describes me at this point in time: move in faith, listen to your intuition, kill ego. Thanks for this -for real.

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