#NeffiTravels: Miami

About a week ago, I had a breakdown, which I knew was coming, yet I tried to ignore all the signs of the inevitable.  I made some drastic decisions in my life abruptly. I closed my shop, let my relationship go and cut my hair off in one week. I changed every fiber of my being. As I sat in silence for a day,  I thought, “What’s next?” I called my numerologist, Leslie Gibbs, to ask her what advice the universe can give me for guidance?

As she broke me down mathematically via moon, house, and nodes, one thing she said rang loud in my head, “This year is your year, you must live your life in travel to understand exactly where you need to stand.”

After our conversation, I made another decision to just move on with my feelings – it never led me wrong in life. Maybe my standing still is what’s holding me back? Who knows, but I knew I had to leave.

As I laid down that night, I decided I was going to travel the next day and take my teen daughter with me.

That morning I informed her to pack a light bag and email her teachers to let them know we were going to Miami for a couple of days.

6 hours later, we traded the cold for the sun and sand, which drastically changed my mood.

My teen and I have a very similar interest in food, art, and good music!  After our first night of relaxation, we were fully charged to take on day two, starting with a girl spa day of manis and pedis.  I called my friend Angela who directed us to Mira Nail Bar near Wynwood.  We sipped champagne while getting pampered. I highly recommend this place.

Later we spent time with a long time friend, Chuck,  who recently moved to Miami. We spent the day
looking at Wynwood’s famous walls and taking in all the art. We decided to hunt for a lunch spot and ended up in a private low-key restaurant. We needed a special card to go to the waiting area, which was a block away, where they served craft beer under neon crosses that turned our faces pink. Once in the venue, we feasted on THE BEST alligator bites.

While eating lunch, I received an invitation from a woman who follows me on Instagram to come to her home and have a home-cooked meal (sounds crazy, right?). It is, but we accepted the invites and drove an hour away to a strangers house for one of the best meals of my life.

The family was warm and welcoming and our conversation about life was an honest one.

After dinner, Chuck drove the long way back to the hotel to make sure we experienced the coastal side, so we could tip-toe along the beach during the midnight hour.

Day two was awesome!

The next morning before my teen woke up, I found myself on the beach watching the sunrise. I thanked God for the opportunity and the blessing of being able to clear my mind and have that moment.

I sat there and cried in excitement and fear of what lies ahead and thanked Him for every step along the way.

I forgot how awesome Miami is and am happy to start my year of travel here, with my teen.

Next stop…. South Carolina



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