Life: How I chose to be stronger for the year ahead


Stop whatever you are doing for a moment and think about your past 365 days.
How do these thoughts make you feel?
Every January I dedicate two weeks to sit, pray and meditate on my decisions from the year prior.


Have I strayed off of my goals?


Have I allowed love to consume me- can I breathe?


Have I taken the best mental, spiritual and physical care of me?


These are the questions I usually pose during prayer and this year I realize I have issues with setting up proper boundaries.


You see, sadly, I have been a doormat BY CHOICE due to the lack of boundaries I have set in my life. I preach on being a strong woman, and that I am, but I am also extremely empathetic towards others which allows me to bend and twist to conform into what they need from me- whether I could give it to them or not.
My super human strength will find the space in me to support and assist them through whatever they need, even if the process kills me slowly.


It was imperative that I set boundaries with friends , lovers and family in order for me to survive and not feel depleted. Before I took the time to ponder the years past, I honestly didn’t know this about me. I asked my friends as to why I missed my mark of feeling my best and collectively we came to that conclusion.


My point? When I reflected on the years past, I took that information and chose to make a change because I knew I wanted to make this year a better one. For me, setting boundaries meant establishing healthy relationships all around, and now leads to better personal experiences for the people in my life.


Pray during Reflection, pray for Protection, ask for Direction


What a difference a day, and a year can make! Instead of dwelling in the past and feeling sour about all that has occurred, I look forward to the future and all that it has to offer. It makes me a better human, which is all I strive to be.

I hope you take time in your day to reflect, and understand the parts in you to change or protect, I hope all of your days, whether good or bad, bring you a better understanding about yourself to heal and move forward.

Until then….have your best day ever,