Life: Does your relationship style “Belong to the World?”

I got married at the age of 20. Coming from a traditional household growing up, I felt if I have children, they would have to be raised in a two parent household.

I realized early on that I was not a fan of traditional practices and operated in my marriage as if I was single. I realized I was a butterfly and needed to flutter about. I belong to the world.

I have friends who I love with all of my heart that have beautiful successful marriages. I also have friends who are married and dating.
Some who stay together for the children and feel it is best for the overall health of the family to live as a unit although they hate each other, I am different.

I’ve been in love many times, experienced life with a partner and moved on without fear of the unknown.
I’ve bore children and felt that my time with my partner has come to an end and just moved on.

I suppose these actions might seem erratic and unstable to some, but I have managed to live a balanced life and raise 5 + beautiful children.

I am of this world! Β I am not speaking of physical connections but more energetic, spiritual connections

For years I thought something was wrong with me. My need to be independent, the disappointment I gave my parents by not following traditional family practices. Having the ability to love someone strong one moment , and the next moment be totally into someone else. Experiencing life- being of this world.

About 20 years ago I met someone exactly like me. The moment I saw him I knew we were bound to each other. We went our separate ways and lived life but reminded excellent friends.
I LOVE this man but alas, he belongs to the world. He needs to roam and experience how he sees fit for his own individual life.

I might sound insane to some but I believe in a spiritual bond with people that can’t be broken, not really a possessive physical need to own someone. My girlfriend said it best about her love
” We are based in comfort, respect and understanding, so no matter where he goes, we remain in each other’s hearts ”

She belongs to the World

Whatever works for you is what you should do. As individuals we operate on a singular mode that might not be understood until you meet ” the right one”
I won’t stop being of this world until I meet another unicorn, until then, I will love, experience and create and be apart of this world as my spirit needs me to.

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