Lent – 40 Days of Personal Sacrifice & Discipline

Religion used to be (and is) a sore subject for me.
My upbringing involved me growing up Catholic until my early teens, transitioning into a strong Christian base. I actively attended church on Sunday, bible study, and teen group on Friday nights.
When I sit here today and think about what I love about the church aspect, it’s that one body of people gather together for one purpose.Β  When I reflect on it, I realize that as I got older, the discipline to attend church became less desirable and I moved on to a more spiritual path in my practice. Today, I incorporate certain practices from different religions to keep me balanced through out the year.
I practice Ramadan, Lent, my personal celebration of Vesak from the Buddhist and I even had a Jewish boyfriend who taught me about Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur.
Today is the start of Lent and I had to think long and hard about what I need to get rid of or implement into my life for the next 40 days. I was told after 30 days of repeatedly doing something, it becomes a habit, so this year I choose to get rid of negativity of all forms around me.
I will not allow negativity in my thoughts
I will not allow negativity in my environment.Β At the end of this journey I will see certain people around me more clearly.
I will actively stop the negative thoughts like, “what if this doesn’t go the way i want it?” and activate on faith more.
No gossip of any kind can reach my ears. The news has to be put on pause too because it seems to affect my day to day as well.
Postive thoughts deem positive actions, right?
We shall see. I will keep you abreast of the mind shift within the next 40 days.

Are you willing to give up something for 40 days to improve your well being and strengthen your discipline?Lets talk about it!

  • I like the part about not allowing negative thoughts to brace your mind. Also, allowing negativity to reach your ears. Sometimes, in live we deal with negativity all around, while in the meantime wondering why we aren’t moving forward. I too vow to not engage in negativity. I will speak, think and act with positivity.

  • While I’m not practicing or formally observing Lent, I really have been intentional about drawing the line on the sand around certain things. Being crystal clear on light vs. darkness, negative vs. positive, etc. Primarily as it relates to my thoughts, words, and actions. We are aligned in so many ways. I’m only welcoming more greatness and great experiencing in my life in this and the seasons to come.

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