Yummy Blue Velvet Cake

Now that the holidays have come down to a slower pace, I can finally post this awesome recipe for everyone to try.

I know it is a New Year, New You and we all want to get in the best possible shape ( as told by our personal resolutions) so when that fad is done, just bake the cake and be happy! (HA)

I tested out and combined 3 different recipes until I was satisfied with one outcome. Unfortunately, the cake that I baked was gone in about 20 minutes after I frosted it thanks to my wonderful family who cares less about my need for the perfect cake photo! The photo attached is honestly spot on from what I created I promise you. My sister’s birthday is today so if I have time I will bake another and post the photo on Instagram so you can see if there is any difference between the two.

**Also note that this calls for Dutch processed cocoa which gives the recipe a deep devil food flavor which is exquisite.





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