Designing My Living Room With The Color Black

My love for the color black is not a secret anymore.

I try to transform as many homes as possible with its beautiful hue and this weekend my living room was up next!

This is my wonderful white upstairs living room wall. I had the TV mount removed and relocated last month, so I knew I had to patch the holes as well during the paint job.

I used my go-to black hue, Limousine Black in Eggshell by Marquee from Behr paint.

My sons were home this weekend and said they would paint the wall if I agreed to cook dinner (sounded like a deal to me!)

When I woke up in the morning and saw how beautiful the natural light shone on the new black wall, I was thoroughly pleased, but I felt something was missing. I decided to go to Home Depot to purchase a small plant and ended up buying a large palm, which made all the difference.

I added one of my African masks to cover up my electrical outlet on the wall and added some buddhas on the table for good energy.

I am happy with the end result and urge you to transform your space with color. Consider black when you do.

Until next time,