Neffi Walker Style Easter Decor: Black Easter Eggs

I am fully aware that Easter is about a month away, but I had the urge to get my hands busy with decorating eggs.

Every year I find myself creating egg designs and making Easter baskets on Easter Day, which makes me feel like a failure (lol) … so I needed to get a jump on it.

First off, Β I am a fan of spray painting everything instead of brush paint (just my preference). It’s quick and easy, but you need a well ventilated area in order to execute it property.

I wanted a bit of a pop so I decided to do mainly goldΒ and black eggs, of course!

We ordered pizza earlier in the day so I used the box and the plastic divider they supplied to help hold the eggs in place while I sprayed away.

I LOVE how jazzy these eggs turned out! My daughter on the other hand let me know she does not fancy any black eggs in her basket. Oh well 😩😩😩

To achieve these glam Easter eggs, follow these steps:

Spray paint the eggs black and/or gold (be sure to do this in a well ventilated room with plenty of space to get messy!)

This is the only spray paint brand I use (not a sponsored post)

Add glue to the eggs and sprinkle with glitter

Let dry & voila! Non-traditional, Neffi Walker style easter eggs!


Happy Easter folks & xoxo,