#NeffiTravels: South Carolina

A Lesson on Manifestation….

This year I feel alive. I can’t really explain the feeling in words but, I feel like my mind, body, and soul are finally in sync. My spirit has been thirsty for travel lately, so I promised myself I would go somewhere every month, even if it is within driving distance. 

After my daughter and I returned from the Miami trip, I instantly wanted to search for the next place to inhale into my soul, South Carolina was up next on the menu.

The story about the whole trip is a long winded one so I will focus on the lesson in the trip about manifestation. 

My friend Kym convinced me to stay in my first AirBnB so we booked a tiny cabin 40 minutes outside of Charleston in a town called Girvan in South Carolina. The house was quaint with great energy.

We met the homeowners owners who directed my eyes onto a local magazine they were featured in. On the front of the magazine was a photo of a local chef named Benjamin Dennis, a warm looking man with a great smile. As I was turning the pages of the magazine, I saw a crab cake sent from heaven and instantly thought ” I need to eat this TODAY!” 

I took to Instagram and posted a video calling for the chef to please respond and let me know where I can get his wonderful dish. 

About an hour later he responded to my plea and wrote ” I am off today, if you like I can make it for you”

About 30 minutes later we exchanged information and he Instructed us to meet him at the house of a famous Gullah/ Geechee cook named Aaron. Kym was hesitant being that we had no idea where we were or who we were meeting – ” what if they kill us?” She said 

” I have a great feeling about this…. just trust me ” I responded. 

We found the location  and were warmly invited to enter the home to sit and eat at the dining room table, or the patio filled with plastic lawn chairs and tables with green cloths.  Out back was a pot filled to the brim of blue crabs boiling in geechee seasonings smelling out of this world!  

Benjamin and I sat for hours eating the home cooked food  while he explained to me about his Gullah / geechee roots , slavery in the state, and the racial tensions that still exist. 

After we finished our meal, he was so kind to take us on a tour of the city , new and old, to get us familiar with charleston. 

It was the best example of willful thinking turned manifestation I have encountered in a while. 


I gained a friend during my visit and a new found understanding of a culture I was unaware of. 

Later on that night as Kym and I sat tired on the couch, flipping through channels, we stopped at Anthony Bourdainn show Parts Unknown, and funny enough, the subject was about South Carolina!  Shortly after watching, we noticed Chef Benjamin on TV talking about Gullah / Geechee food!

Kym said, “I just Googled him, did you know that guy was on Top Chef? “

“No,” I said and just smiled.

It was nice for him to stop his day to make sure two strangers felt welcomed. 

And for that I am forever grateful. 

I will post the recipe for the crab shell cake next week so you can try it yourself. Thank @chefbjdennis for it 

Until then,


  • Wow! That’s an amazing story. I adore southern hospitality & Chef Benjamin Dennis was a real example of that. You put good thoughts & energy out & got them back twofold.

  • My philosophy is; “Think it and it will come. Believe it and it will get there even faster than you thought. ” That’s how I feel and I see you do too! Great home grown story. Sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy on the inside, regardless if others don’t get it. A little bit of happy can lead to a lifetime of amazing memories. Thanks for sharing yours! Btw I can’t wait for the recipe for that crab cake! Lol

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